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Bridge is an International Middle Eastern Nonprofit organization. We are a group of Middle Eastern professionals with track-records of humanitarian work with the United Nations and other international organizations. We founded Bridge in May 2016, our main office is located in San Diego, California.

Introduction To Bridge

Thematic Areas of Focus

At Bridge, we focus on four specific themes that give our projects higher chances of success. These four themes ensure sustainability, responsiveness and long-term effectiveness of our projects.
Good Governance

Good Governance

By effectively targeting local MENA policies towards youth and women, we strive to effect the systematic level of change that allows current and future generations to create a collective improvement of their living conditions and community engagement.

Empowered Women and Girls

Empowered Women and Girls

The empowerment of women and girls in MENA communities is a central pillar to our work. Through specific policy work, humanitarian efforts, and in-house empowerment; women can lead MENA communities to a more prosperous future.

Youth Protection of Rights

Youth Protection of Rights

Protecting the rights of children and youth is of a growing importance in MENA communities. Such protection can foster environments that promote success, growth and an overall life-style enhancement.

Collaborative Communities

Collaborative Communities

By combining our efforts to empower youth, women, children and all the in-house capacities of MENA communities, we strive to create self-sustaining growth that lasts over the years and induces spontaneous growth and prosperity.

Our mission

We are committed to the utilization of Middle Eastern expertise to drive development from within vulnerable communities. We are committed to helping these vulnerable communities in their home countries as well as in the United States as new immigrants.

Healthy Sexuality

A Simple Guide For Parents And Guardians

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التربية الجنسية الواعية

(الجنس جزء من التركيبة البشرية)
دليل مبسط للوالدين او الأوصياء

إضغط لتحميل الكتيب


Bridge completes a study on Mental health and Gender based violence (GBV)

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Bridge International is proud to announce its new publication: Youth Mentors Toolkit | Basic guide to work with youth.

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تفخر منظمة جسور باصدار كتيب تعريفي مبسط للمشرفين والعاملين مع الشباب.


اضغط لتحميل الكتيب

Bridge News

Our goals in the Middle East are to encourage complete local ownership of donor programs, increase the role of the private-sector in building healthy communities, and improve government policies to better suit the real societal and environmental needs.

We work to help MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) refugees in the United States adjust to their new lives. We help refugees overcome obstacles to resettlement through carefully designed trauma-informed and culture-sensitive programs. Bridge utilizes various resources such as think-tanks, academic studies and integration programs to create a smooth adjustment and involvement of refugees within their new communities.

Through a solid network of local partner organizations, Bridge receives operational support from offices in Washington DC, Iraq and Jordan. Extra support offices in Egypt, Libya and Yemen are expected to be available in the near future.

Volunteer Opportunity

In coordination with the Science and Technology Against Terrorism organization (STAT), Bridge anticipates to start a pilot project to support youth newcomers in the area of El Cajon. The program seeks partnership with the El Cajon school district and/or the local youth organization and refugee resettlement agencies in the San Diego East County area.

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If you would like to donate, inquire about or help bridge achieve its goals, please feel free to contact us via our contact page or chat with us via the chat button located in the bottom right corner across the site. We look forward to hearing from you!