Hisham Al Dahabi wins the Hope Makers Prize presented in Dubai

من خلال شركائنا فريق بناة العراق الرائع نهنيء السيد هشام الذهبي بفوزه بمسابقة صناع الامل- تستحقها استاذ هشام وبجداره. الف مبروك

Through our potential partners Iraq Builders- We would like to congratulate Mr. Hisham Al Dahabi for winning the Hope Makers prize presented in Dubai. During the past 13 years, Hisham with literally no resources and a very humble house in Baghdad was able to adopt 33+ Iraqi homeless kids in his own house and turn them onto active and successful community members. We cant be prouder sir, you are a role model to all of us. Congratulations!

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