Why Bridge

We fill the commonly occurring gaps that come in the way of creating sustainable and responsive humanitarian projects. Through our carefully devised methodologies, highly qualified members, advisors and volunteers, we strive to make a real difference.

  • We professionally determine the defects of each MENA policy and provide practical solutions ensuring sustainable impact.
  • We design responsive frameworks that correspond to the actual need of each group.
  • We are formed to fill the information gap in MENA communities.
  • We cater for post-services in each program implementation,
    ensuring sustainability of outcomes of post projects closure.

  • We bridge different research and training methods for the enhancement of
    the theory of change.
  • We utilize advanced qualitative results-based management tools to
    combine local and the international knowledge of the best
  • We take into consideration the lessons learned of past and ongoing experiences in MENA communities as well as the best South-South practices.
  • We mobilize youth potential and the in-house capacities of every project to develop complete local ownership and sustainability of every donor’s program.

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Our Resources Section / Blog will continuously provide information and resources to help create and maintain sustainable, responsive projects and constructive communication.